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Sep 19, 2009
As some of you may know, I just happened to stumble across a 3 ct parabia tourmaline from Rocks for £155 and thought I would post some pics.

To be honest I was very surprised by it because it is a completely different colour to my other paraiba (also from Rocks). It's more like aquamarine than the minty colour of my smaller one - have posted pic of both together to show you.

On the downside, it has visible inclusions.

On the upside I LOVE IT.

I don't think I'd have paid the correct price but am happy at £155. What does anyone think please?


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Hi Nikki I dont have any pariba myself but i am sure it comes in different colours from blue to green it looks lovely and i would think well worth what you paid for it and the main thing is if you love it that really is what matters in my opinion so enjoy wearing it
I think its a gorgeous paraiba, i wish id seen it, and if the inclusions dont bother you then bobs yer uncle, enjoy wearing it xx
Hi Nikkis

I think you pariaba is lovely, I hope it gives you lots of enjoyment.
I think you grabbed yourself a real bargain!

Nikki - The value in Paraiba is in the strength of colour coupled with the "neon" quality. So, a great Paraiba should glow in all lighting conditions - it can be blue or green BUT it has to have the neon quality. That's where the value is. I'm showing you some photos of my Paraibas. These are top quality and GLOW for Britain. Picture 1 is a Paraiba in incandescent lighting and then picture 2 is the same one in shade. If you look at the third picture, this is in incandescent lighting and the last picture is under the table in shade - can you see how the colour still glows?

£155 for a 3ct gemstone is a great price so wear it in good health and enjoy! I think that must have been priced incorrectly!!!!


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My goodness, Meeshoo, that IS a collection. You've clearly been at this a long time.

Thank you all for your kindness. It WAS priced incorrectly, it sold previously for £556. I am fascinated by its changes. It doesn't do quite what is happening in Moeeshoo's pics but is glowing some, even the little inclusions are pretty cos they are a different colour in the evening light.....

I am a happy bunny.

N xxx
Thank you Nikki - that's only some of my Paraibas!!!!! As you say I've been at it for a while :giggle:

WOW! You certainly have got a bargain if it sold for that before (and tbh the higher price is what you'd expect to pay)!

Don't worry about inclusions - sometimes they can actually heighten the "glow". Look at the picture attached. This was my very very first Paraiba. It's full of inclusions but I kept it because the colour knocked me sideways!


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Stunning Meeshoo wheres the tjc one with the pear cut diamonds? in fact a few are missing from that picture come on show me the rest you know how i love to see your pics (then beg for pieces lol!)
:clapping: WOW! nikki..what a steal of a deal as steve would say! your paraiba is gorgeous and a very large stone in what is my favourite colour..paraiba is not meant to be fully saturated deep colours..ive seen many pics which have clearly been photoshopped to make it appear intensely coloured. I remember watching this ring sell at £556 earlier on the same for you to have acquired it for a snip is a brilliant piece of luck! Also, you have been lucky to get a stone with no obvious windows.. I do hope you enjoy wearing it and onve again..well done xx
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Briolette - none of my photos are photoshopped just in case you were wondering (and a few forum members have seen my collection IRL so can attest that my photos are true to life!). TBH I'm a technophobe and just getting photos is a major achievement for me lol! I hope you don't mind me disagreeing but saturation is actually the key for nearly all gemstones and with Paraiba colour is THE thing to look for. If the PT isn't highly saturated then it affects the price negatively. Edit: Just found a piccie for you (2nd one) of what fandabydozy PT looks like *deep sigh* - I sooooo wish these were mine!

GC - Crikey you've got a good memory!!!! You're right, I only took photos of a few. I haven't got one of the TJC ring on it's own because it's not a "great" PT. It's too icy looking. It's lovely but definitely not a favourite. Middle finger, 2nd from the top. Is that the one? p.s. spot the humungus window on the bottom finger in the middle! Why on earth did I keep that one? I hate the design of it as well!!!


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WOW ok can i beg for the marquise cut one i ADORE it and the heart cut please x but the neon green ones are the most amazing colour i have ever seen!
Truly stunning i am so envious x
Nikki - come and rescue me!!! Will you donate your bargain PT to Gemcherub please? She's in neeeeeeeeeeeeeed! :grin:
Meesh, Which is your favourite pt? The one that calls out to me is the square?cut at the bottom of your index finger...lovely :)
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Yeah but they're big 'uns Nikki and forum rules are that if you have less than 200 posts and live in Lancashire you have to donate your wordly goods to other forum members. Didn't you see that bit when you signed up?

Tabs - I do love that one. I bought it as a loose stone and then set it into a TJC setting (think it originally had a tanzy in) but my favourite is the green cushion cut one in the first piccie (the one on it's own). IRL it's amazing and I have a pendant that takes my breath away because it's soooooo neon blue so I guess they're my favourites.

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