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Jun 24, 2008
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I had recently posted on here, about blue fire opals (fell in love and was going to buy one for Christmas) I hadnt gotten round to texting/mailing into the program, but (the wonderful) John Scott actually mentioned on the show I was looking for one, but they didnt have any ... but to keep watching ...was impressed! :)

When I heard Tony the gem hunter was back and if you were looking for anything, to get in touch, I mailed in ... and nothing ... watched the whole weekend (and at this time of year, had loads and loads of stuff to do) didnt hear anything, until the end of his last hour, when he mentioned that he would be bringing blue fire opals in the new year, everything had sold out ... (felt like a whole weekend was wasted)

I then decided, as it was for Christmas (and after I had seen 'THAT' pendant, I would get paraiba instead ... so on Monday (was off for 3 days, to get stuff done for Christmas, especially as the weekend was spent in front of tv) I asked for a white gold paraiba ring ... got a shout out from Andrianna saying she thought she had what i was looking for ... stopped EVERYTHING, got my phone at the ready ... and the ring came on ... YELLOW GOLD ... NOT what i was looking for, mailed in to say thanks, but not what I wanted, heard no more

I stopped watching and on Monday night, was flicking, and Paul had the pariaba I had been looking for ... so rushed to buy it (I could have missed it though, they could have told me there was something scheduled for later in the day)

I then decided, as I had gotten the ring at a great price, I would 'dip my toe in again' wasnt sure what I was looking for, until I saw MissM's post - love her rainbow moonstone. Hubby was off last night so couldnt watch it live, sat with the internet on my phone - saw a white gold pendant and bought it!

I mailed into the studio to ask if they had any white gold rings to match (last night when hubby went to bed and could watch again) didnt hear a thing

mailed in again this morning, heard nothing... not sure if the email got through, so text (at a cost to me) have seen 3 YELLOW gold rings ... nothing in white - they havent even mentioned my request on air ... am getting a bit fed up - even if they told you there was nothing in stock would be better than being ignored ... :mad:

I have a pendant in my basket which I am not willing to check out - am not paying 2 p&ps - so will probably lose it later today ...

oh well, means I have money I can spend elsehwere I guess ...
It's a bit hit-and-miss with requests, faerie.

Sometimes they will announce a "request hour", where they will make a special effort to find your requests - John Scott in particular does this and really seems to care, so it's best to look out for when he is on.
They couldn't possibly help everybody or respond to all requests as it's not a personal shopping type service like other channels provide. What they say is, make a request and if it's possible they'll try to help. Sometimes they can do it, sometimes not. I guess it's the luck of the draw, when somebody sees your note, sees that there is/isn't a similar item scheduled etc.

If you're looking for something in particular why don't you phone and speak to CS. I believe that Lynda did this recently for her Tanzanite ring and they found her perfect piece. It would be easier and less time consuming for you.
I understand that, but almost every hour, they ask you to mail and text in if 'theres something you want to see' why do that if then?

Given that according to the presenters, 'they pick the items for their own hours' surely, if someone emails in, asking for something, they could pick it?

anyway, I stopped watching it on tv after I posted on here, was just prepared to let the pendant be taken out of my basket... and ...was checking my phone back and forward (have internet) and around half an hour ago, a white gold ring came on ... so, they got 2 sales, but was totally prepared to let the pendant go...

they should maybe clarify what they are saying on air, they either want requests or they dont ...

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