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Sep 29, 2008
Item no 690200 Taxco Traditions Hammered Collar & Pendant Sterling Silver

OneTime Only Price £29.98
QVC Price£53.76

Available in Malachite and Sodalite
4* Rating
Taxco Traditions Hammered Collar & Pendant Sterling Silver
Item Number: 690200
QVC Price £53.76
One Time Only Price £29.98
Availability In stock
UK P&P £3.45

Draw attention to your neckline with this bold sterling silver pendant. It boasts a sterling silver hammered pendant in a cut-out shape with a round cabochon gemstone at the centre. This stone measures about 18mm and the pendant measures about 3.5cm x 5.5cm (1.4" x 2.2"). The pendant hangs via a fixed bail to a sterling silver collar that's rigid in style to fit around the neck. It's finished with a high polish and measures about 34.5cm (13.6") in length and about 2mm in width.
thats a really good price

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is this what Claudia's wearing now only it looks more of a necklace than a choker?

I think its 685226, Fairynuff, its just the pendant (without chain) and costs £41.50. The stone is onyx and I must say it does look nice. I would have bought it if this was the OTO.

thanks SCW, I'm sure Dazzler! will be along soon to let us know!

Im here!!!! I have been riding Champion, had to out a towel on him but my bum still feels a bit sore lol.

As for this range OMG Fairynuff its absolutely fabby!!!! Love it!!!
Watch the show folks the jewellery is lovely and big and bolds excellent quality. I have alot of this range. you can also type in Artisan as its the same.
not as ornate as Suarti is it Dazzler, but I really like the clean look of some of the pieces.

No It isnt Fairynuff but you need to have choice you see. I like the shiny hammered look and my favourite shape is circle. I love how it dazzles!!!!!!

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