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Dec 20, 2008
hi i bought a 3 stone with diamonds last year and i lost a SMALL but i could notice it missing stone so i sent it back in oct just intime before g ran out .. but noticed the other day my new ring had lost 2 stones ive decided to get my money back anyone had probs with lost stones in there rings ... all my other rings seem to be ok but have bigger stones .. have i just been unlucky ?
I have to admit I've lost a fair amount of stones in my time, fortunately within the 6 month guarantee period so I've always had replacements or refunds when it's happened (apart from a couple that were sold out that I wanted to keep so didn't report it - stupidly I think now!!!).
I used to think I was heavy handed, but a few years on st have proved to me I am not alone, it's obviously fairly common.
Welcome to the forum lovetvxx.

I lost a pink sapphire stone earlier this year on the second time of wearing a ring. I had no idea when I had purchased it so QVC sent me a list of everything I had ever bought from them and I was gutted to see that I had purchased it 11months previously. I had all ready been told that there was no point in complaining if it was over six months old by the person who took my call, so my twice worn, £160 ring, went for scrap!
I lost a tanzanite out a tension set ring I had. It was just under a year at the time and I phoned CS. Then I got a letter saying to send the ring in to see if they could repair it. Then I got my money refunded including postage. Not sure if they had problems before with this ring and its design and that was why I got the full refund? Now that was two years ago.

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