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OMG, I did have to turn off in the end but I just could not believe what I was watching.

Her name came up as Tania Staite, makes no sense why Rocks and Co have employed her, a dreadfull presenter.
Oh watch out Graham - DiamondBloke40 and his wife will be after you for saying that :giggle: Mind you he seemed to disappear after his two posts about how wonderful Tania is and how the girls on here are all jealous of her! :Laughing1:
Oh watch out Graham - DiamondBloke40 and his wife will be after you for saying that :giggle: Mind you he seemed to disappear after his two posts about how wonderful Tania is and how the girls on here are all jealous of her! :Laughing1:

Oh is that her, can't believe they have given her a full time job, she is ****** terrible.
Oh watch out Graham - DiamondBloke40 and his wife will be after you for saying that :giggle: Mind you he seemed to disappear after his two posts about how wonderful Tania is and how the girls on here are all jealous of her! :Laughing1:

My jealousy is so all consuming that I don't even bother watching the channel!!!!:4::4:
Quite apart from all her other presenting faults, she always appears to be eating something... or else she has a very strange habit moving her mouth..... off-putting in the extreme.

The simple fact of the matter is that if a presenter is going to be on screen, live, for long periods of time on a regular basis, then they really must have either have a wow factor that captivates the viewer ( viz John Scott) or else have a generally appealing blandness that does not rub folk up the wrong way. I wouldn't have thought this realisation was rocket science.... but it seems it is beyond some managers to see!
They should give some of us a shot - we'd be very entertaining!! :cool2:

Can you imagine selling this:-

Ladies here's your chance to buy a very rare and unusual Paraiba Tourmaline ring. It's rare because it's much more peely wally (pale and uninteresting) than what you'd find in your top High Street jewellers and it's unusual because through the centre of the stone you can see your finger! Where else would you find a ring like this for this price? Oops sorry the graphics aren't quite right! That comma between the 1 and the 9 should be a full stop and it should be between the second 9 and third nine. Not to worry if nobody wants it Tony will buy it. Oh no it's gone - forty three people missed out there so sorry. Never mind two of you have been successful - we only had one but the web buyer's had it because it won't pass our QC!! :wink2:


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You are so right she is appalling - and has not improved with time. She starts a sentence and in the middle 'this is a beautiful paraiba colour minty green and swimming pool blue, well done my first buyer, you'd better pick up your phone because they are flying out the door tonight, the stone is that beautiful colour that everyone wants, OMG another one has gone 'HURRY UP AND PHONE IN they've nearly all gone, that colour that is so popular da da da da da....

and so it goes on - she tries to talk at 100mph as well, rattling the words out so fast she can't say them correctly - maybe that's got nothing to do with the speed at which she's speaking.

Anyway - maybe noone else wants to do the graveyard shift and that's why they're keeping her !?!?!?!?!?!
This presenter was the subject of my ranting thread a while ago Graham. Do join us in the anti-fan club :grin:

Klos - you're back on form babe! Welcome back! You've made me laugh out loud with you presenting style. I'd hire you!
Is it me,or all they all becoming unwatchable,Vicky with the hand gestures,the open mouth and stuttering,Jeri shrieking,Caroline "this is wrong",shall I continue.The only person I can enjoy is lovely JOHN SCOTT.
PS Now Matt has left only Lynn and Scotty are possible to watch over there.
This is what happens in a company when someone with too much power, no talent and a very high opinion of themselves is left to do the recruitment. They recruit a complete Staite!
Not somebody I can warm up to I'm afraid. I think I stuck it out for 10 minutes before I turned over. I work hard and I like watching tv to be relaxing, she wasn't!
I haven't said too much about Ms Staite as initially I was on the "Argey Promise" so had to keep me big mouth shut (for a change yes I know!) then when that was over I hadn't actually watched her.

However! In the early hours of this morning I took a wee look - I say wee because I couldn't watch for very long it was too painful. Anyway, I am 100% convinced that she is actually told what to say most of the time through her earpiece. She starts to say something, says it again, adds a word or two, says it again, adds another word or two, says it again..................!! For example, last night she said " This pendant. This pendant is stunning and the. This pendant is stunning and the design is really classic. It would. It would go with. It would go with any outfit. It's really a classic design and would go with any outfit!!

Then, she showed item 278711 - a pendant set with 6 black diamonds in a vertical line. Well if she said "lustre" once I swear she said it a hundred times! The funniest thing she said was " The great thing is that because you have 6 black diamonds in this one of the is always going to be lustering out at you" - eh what????? If only 1 is "lustering out at you" I wonder what are the other 5 doing? :giggle:

Bearing in mind that this pendant was rigid - sorry can't find it on their website, but had the 6 diamonds in a line with gold at either side - she then put it on her hand and said "look at the movement in situ" while rocking her hand back and forward! Sorry dear but the pendant had no movement it was your hand!

I also noticed that they don't have the details of carat weight, gold weight etc going across the bottom of the screen anymore. Is that so people don't realise how little gold they're getting for their money?

Oh well, never mind, I'm sure she's very nice IRL :tongue2:


But where is Lee? Haven't seen him for a couple of weeks. Is he on honeymoon, or has he left in sheer despair?
OMG, this woman is bad enough on the late shift but I turned on this morning around 8am and there she was :34:

Before I could change channels, she started trying to sell a Paraiba ring Item number 958290 0.80 carat - didn't get screen print as didn't have computer on. It was the usual pale, colourless, windowed.....you know what I mean.

Anyway, the first thing that made me stop in my tracks was her describing the stone as having fabulous "neonicity"! :thinking2: Neonwhatity?? She described the colour as "azure", "blue", "green", "blue/green", "caribbean sea", etc. etc. Personally I would have described it as Milk Bottle blue!! Yes I know milk bottles aren't blue but neither was that ring! Then she got a bit excited and described it as "phenomenal", "top top colour" and "text book"!! If I had a fiver for every time she said "neonicity" I could have bought the blooming ring myself!! Does she know that there's no such word??

Then the even more ludicrous bit came!! She said "Oh we've made a mistake with the price. The price on the screen is wrong. Is it ok to change it for you? We can't go back up to £2000 we have to go down" !!! The price then plunged from £1,499 to.................yes you've guessed £499. She let out a ridiculous scream, put on a "Caroline Lindsay" blow up doll face and said "I'm nearly jumping out of my seat". Well you'd have thought she had Argey's 'pink thing' under the desk the way she was acting!! :giggle:

Obviously taking acting lessons from the aforementioned Ms Lindsay she then said "Please, please, please can you save this one for me? No? Oh it's so unfair"!! FFS woman do you really think we're that stupid?? :headbang:

After raving on for another lifetime about the "neonicity" and how it was the best price she'd ever seen for this "top colour", nobody bought it - ha ha! Not to worry though, they're keeping the auction open at that price until 9am because she said "you were a bit slow there"!!

Oh well, never mind Ms Staite you can buy it yourself now afterall. Woop de doo!

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