Super Poppies!


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Jun 24, 2008
Has anyone gone for these? I have always wanted these new super poppies but up until now they have always cost a fortune.
I love all poppies but these are definitely the bees knees. Absolutely gorgeous.
Tough as old boots and they just get better each year. Repeat flowering.
Dont flop all over the place like the old ones. That really irritates me big time!
I have got two sets. gargen postage stamp size - goodness knows where they will go if they get as big as RJ says! I love poppies.

This is the first year I have bought QVC plants. I bought two sets of the tree poppies. I gave three away as birthday presents and kept three for pots. They seem to be growing well. I also ordered some roses yesterday...naughty naughty...
Yes, I've gone for them. I've bought QVC plants before and they haven't flourished, but that's always been my fault, not theirs.

These look glorious, and I'm going to put them in pots on the patio. I don't have cats (though I wish I did...) and the dogs keep next door's one out of the garden, so I'm not worried about potential poison...

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