Summertime Fashion Piggie tonight


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Jun 24, 2008
On the phone/not the web!
.........including this little baby........purrrrrrr


Don't leave it too long ladies :54:
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I'm rushing to get mine.
Loooks like you can fit ten people in there.The hoodies could snuggle their drugs in there!!!
M I T Z I - Quick, hurry up, this is right up your street!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I think it's designed to appeal to people who go out in the middle.

The models look like they've lost their stomachs, so you can guarantee if you're a little cuddly around the middle anyways, (like me) that heap of curtain scraps won't do you any favours!!
Please someone also tell Subita to stop saying 'exactly' and 'absolutely' too, she must have said it 100 times in the 7pm hour.
omg! I always love to look at these threads for a good laugh! that has to be the worst looking item I have seen in a long time! keep up the good work posting these, they make my wardrobe look sooooo good! lol

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