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Apr 14, 2009
Bath The City which is full of Tourists & Students
Why oh why are Ideal World showing NEW items of clothing for the summer (and its all gross)!!!:confused2: when all the shops and designers have Autumn/Winter stock in??? They are so behind with there fashion!!! and everything else.

Just thought I would also let you know I have just bought some new boots I know its only August, Yes you've guessed it NOT from Ideal World...
You didn't get these then? :giggle:

Well, there are two things here, sja:

1. I think that the high street switches over to autumn/winter far too early. Have you ever been on holiday in September and tried to buy some nice new summer gear to take with you? It pretty much can't be done as all of the shops are full of jumpers and coats, which is very frustrating. From this point of view, IW still selling summer fashions in August (the height of summer) is very useful.

2. Your point about them being gross is, sadly, very accurate. So that means the choice is now a fortnight in Tenerifee (or wherever) in turtle neck and overcoat, or a fortnight in Tenerifee (or wherever) in Moira C's itsawrap.

I think they call that Hobson's choice! :D

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