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If it sparkles - grab it
Jun 27, 2008
Once all the marcasite pieces have been loaded onto the system, how about a MARCASITE HOUR?
:gasp: I'll have to sit in a darkened room with a blindfold on if they do that!! :4:

Brilliant suggestion Miss M!

Alan has just announced there will be a Marcasite hour on Tuesday 4-5pm
Hi all,

I thought this was a great idea too, so Alan is going to do a Marcasite hour on Tuesday 26th May between 4 and 5pm.

Hope you enjoy it!
I'll be with Bargainhunter then, so we'll both have to sit with our blindfolds on :lol:

Booooo - I'll be away, staying with friends! I guess I should have waited until I got back before making the suggestion... :)
i too will be at work but what a brilliant idea perhaps next time you could make one for about 8pm give us ladies chance to feed the other half mine growls like a bear when hungry

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