Sublime diamond necklace but...


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Jun 29, 2008
There was the most sublime platinum and diamond necklace on TJC just now and it was, as you could imagine, a considered purchase. It was at a price of £5499 when it sold. During the auction Pollyanna held it up to her neck and displayed the diamonds quite well, I was drooling and quite mesmerised, however...not once did I see her show the clasp or mention the length. Er...if I was in the market for a diamond necklace at this price wouldn't this be vital information? I wonder sometimes why they find actually talking and displaying this wonderful jewellery so difficult...the vital points should be discussed factually, why prattle on about where it could be worn, how to impress your friends, how you could pass it down to your family blah, blah, blah...whats wrong with presenting jewellery so people can decide for themselves based on what they see? Rant over.

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