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Aug 5, 2008
West Midlands
Just wondering if anyone has bought any of gems tvs new range of studs, the ever green, pink or blue?
I'm just very curious to the quality of themas the prices are so low for the carat weights and as discussed in another thread the dreaded bag problem lol
Oh Gemcherub!! :Thumbsdown:

When I saw the title of this thread I was all excited thinking Gems were selling fit young men now, what a disappointment. :notfairsign:

Well, they're selling all sorts now so can you blame me for the wishful thinking? :Laughing1: Bet Lurgey will be along lIke a shot when she reads the title ha ha!
And theres me thinking you were going to give me some advice :33:
Now if this thread were about STUDS it would be the busiest thread on the forum :giggle:
Too right Krosbint. What a bitter blow, borin' ole earrings instead - humph! xxxxxxxxx
You got my attention! I thought maybe you were talking about the male presenters on Gems! :grin:

I did order some of these studs. I already had a pair of pink .50 ct and blue .50 ct pairs on order when I saw the larger .71 ct blues and 1 ct pinks. So I ended up with 2 blues and 2 pinks!

The 1 ct pinks were heavily included and a muddy brown. Even through the plastic you could tell how bad they were. The smaller pinks were better (guessing SI2) with a touch of brown, but they just didn't do it for me, so I sent those back too.

Both blue pairs however had much better clarity with lovely electric blue flashes. I ended keeping the larger pair.

Sorry, no help with the greens as I already have a dark green pair of diamond earrings, so didn't order those. If I hadn't I probably would have - oops!
Thank you Oops you have been very helpful, i emailed gems to ask if they knew the clarity and if they were coated and a lovely lady called me to say they didn't have that information so they had passed it on to the factory to ask them!
GC I'm pretty sure that GemsTV don't sell coated diamonds - what makes you think these are? I'd put money on these being the "normal" irradiated diamonds.
Just how very low the prices are and they seem to have added alot to their diamond enhancement section, including - Coated to improve appearance - Occasional?
Its just i fancied a pair off hubby for Christmas but with the bag issue i thought i'd email gems for details and ask on here to see if anyone had them.
Am posting quick in case forum goes again!

Interesting - I looked at the enhancements of Diamonds and it does mention
"C/S...coated to produce fancy colours". The F/S treatment sounded bad enough. :cheeky:

The evergreen studs I returned Cherub were a strong colour green, but impossible to tell in
the packaging, the clarity and sparkle they may have had.

PS I think I managed to get hold of one of the red diamond pendants, but I'll believe it when I see it! :mysmilie_738.gif:
Just spoken to a supervisor. They're definitely not coated. Hope that helps.

Sacha - congrats! Fingers crossed.
Just spoken to a supervisor. They're definitely not coated. Hope that helps.

Sacha - congrats! Fingers crossed.

Thank you Meeshoo, the lady who called me told me they had no information on any of the diamond studs on their systems which is why they need to ask the factory?
Thanks Sacha, hope you pendant turns up and is a stunner x
I have the smaller pink studs. They are a good colour of pink with no hint of brown. they are not the sparkliest diamonds I've seen but they are fine for my purpose. I'm having a couple of rings made at the moment and the designer I'm using thinks they are ok to set with a large rubellite. I also got a pair of white diamond earrings to set into a multi gem ring (from the break up of a couple of old gemstv paraibas). These earrings came from RocksTV and are surprisingly good for the price.

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