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i bought a white mystic topaz ring middle of january after only wearing it a few times a stone has fallen out so rang CS only to be told that they had a 14 day returns policy so after a lot of arguing the supervisor Nicole said she would see what she could do and promised she would ring me back within 48hrs needless to say she didnt.So this morning rang them again and of course Nicole is not in today so spoke to a male supervisor Jan who tried to tell me that Nicole did try to ring me on the 25th strange i had no missed calls on my mobile that day and i told jan that i was 100% certain noone rang so that was a lie jan then told me that they were sticking to their 14day returns
and that because i didnt return the ring with a stone missing within the 14 days that was it ,that they didnt know the reason the stone had come out but wasnt going to have it back to look at it ,their qc was good enough to say that there was nothing wrong with it when it left there and they dont make mistakes. Listen to this folks they do not guarantee ANY of their goods except electrical after the 14days not interested in the goods being fit for the purpose they were bought for. Jan even went as far as telling me that rather than speak to HIM (THE SUPERVISOR) it might be better to email in .SO BE WARNED IF ANYTHING GOES WRONG WITH YOUR STUFF AFTER 14DAYS YOU CAN GET STUFFED AS FAR AS SITUP IS CONCERNED dont buy from here if you want piece of mind
quoted the sale of goods act but didnt want too know will be taking it further i dont think that a ring that loses its stone after 4 months is a good advertisement as i told Jan nobody is perfect and the odd item slipping through quality control is no big deal as long as they are prepared to sort the prob out but just to keep telling me they are sticking to the 14 day returns rule is ludicrious he asked me what i was doing at the time i lost the stone that is beside the point as i told him i went out to visit friends came home went to wash my hands and noticed it gone i guess once the 14 days are up you must only where their jewellery when you are just sitting with your hands in your lap doing nothing

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