Specially for fader4


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That is really something. Will look out for it the next time. I had no idea you were gemlover. I'm fader4- it's like we all lead double lives!! And thanks again, bh/gl. :)
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I did not know you were calvin either!!!!! We know who we are now :D

I wear it as a day wear and many people have commented on this.
I get the blame for everything lol!
I love mine too:

It looks bigger on me...? Do you think?
that necklace is so pretty much nicer seeing it on i did'nt fancy it much in the auction last night but seeing you fine ladies wearing it makes all the difference might just be tempted now
another to add to the growing need and must have list lol
I don't know about anyone else, but I'm finding that I'm more and more tempted by things that I NEVER wore before, and it's all Rocks and you lots fault!!!! I've even bought a turquoise necklace last night and I HATED turquoise before Rocks!!! Get me, dangly earrings, silver, turquoise, whatever next!!!!!:laugh:


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