special offer phone no. - will it be the same all day?


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Jun 24, 2008
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they're doing some special sales today & i just wondered if the phone number will be the same all day?

it's only a small number being sold each deal & you can't buy online, so you have to be a bit zippy on the old phone no.!

just wondered if i could try & sneak in by using re-dial on my phone...:54:
lexxy it is usually a different number everytime but i`l give you a bit of help ok

dial 0904 251 and then wait for the last 4 digits to appear on screen then dial them quickly as soon as you get though hit 1 and you should have it
right lexxy try this at 9pm ok

when the person is talking about it before the graphics come on screen

have the phone in dial mode (ready to make the call) and dial the number 0904 251 2*** then as soon as the details come up hit the 3 digits and the phone should dial it straight away

this should help its how i grabbed the TV
oh no Lexxy!

i had everything crossed 4 u

and was really hoping u would get one in the 9pm showing.

the only other thing that i can think of that might have gone against

you is maybe the speed of your digibox as they process the signal at

different speeds - i watch on freeview and have loads of different boxes

and they all show the pictures at different times a second or so apart so

so i can go from one room to another and see the same pic again!

that second could make all the difference in calling in!

anyway sorry again! better luck next time(you never know they might do something better

next week!)

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