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Jun 24, 2008
Wel it came this morning....uqx8367 ... with the new delivery company at 8am! i never got that at all in the year ive been buying when they used city link!! its a keeper very nice,{p,s i ordered from the other side a little something a day or so before this and still hasnt come yet!!!}....:)
yes it is, now i wont be happy till i have earrings and a we go again! i would recommend you having a look at sphene
Lovely ring marie, Isnt Sphene available in 2 colour forms? I think my personal choice would be the greener option. Enjoy wearing your ring marie. :)
That sphene looks lovely marie,well done, i've got a ring in the more
green colour but must admit had to send for a couple before
I got one that was really sparkly and not cloudy, does anyone know if they can be a bit of a hit or miss?
hope it's got the sparkle that it looks to have in the stock photo. it's a nice design.

I love sphene but don't have any jewellery yet, just loose stones. Maybe I'll get one set in a pendant one day - I think it would complement a demantoid garnet ring I've got which has similar tones and is ultrasparkly.
Welcome to the Sphene club Marie, it is rather special isn't it? Not sure I've seen any earrings or pendants but no doubt SCW will have noticed in the New Items Thread. Good luck with those. :)
Another member of the Sphene club welcomes you!!!! Lovely ring!

I don't think I've ever seen Gems do Sphene in pendants or earrings which is a shame. Mmmmmmmm earrings!

Tabs - yes 2 colourways. A green with touches of yellow and a warm marmalade colour. I've also got a bi colour one which is half and half!

Pandabear - most gemstones can be hit and miss unfortunately. You're right though, some Sphenes can be too dark, cut badly so they don't sparkle or are a bit cloudy looking (which also affects their sparkle).
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Im going to be naughty and order a couple more sphene as Meeshoo has got my curiosity going and i want to see for myself the colours mentioned,i have a feeling i might like this stone as much as my opals!!!:eek:
Did anyone hear Derek talking about the "Sphene Talk" on this forum? When he was on last night he was saying he was reading all about how so many people love Sphene and then recommend!

He also mentioned he hadn't received his wedding invitation yet!

Only kidding :Happy1:
I really like the style, sphene is new to me but i love the colour of it.
It's a very pretty ring marie. Sphene is amazing: it really comes to life in the sunshine and at night when the lights are on, when you get to see an explosion of colours. I think you need a green one now! :D
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hi ...yes melusina i am now looking for another shade of sphene.. also would love some earrings.. i also need a new saucepan as i was admiring the sparkle of my ring and burnt my sauce!!!!
You mean you've still got your license? :eek:

yep! the roads of South Bucks, East Berks and South Oxon are safe with me out there as I learned my lesson after the costly replacement of my tyre lol Mind you, it also happened when a spider bungeed down from the sunvisor and cost me a further replacement tyre two days after the I'd put the earlier one on!!

A costly exercise in mind control that was....

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