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Jul 17, 2008
Just listening to the Sophyto guest talking about how the stuff is sourced in England so they can keep an eye on it and it doesn't have to be transported far because 'air miles are very important to us'. Cue the American demonstrator saying almost in the next breath that it's best to use spring water as it doesn't have fluoride etc in it and helps keep the slightly acidic nautre of the product. Unless you have a spring in your back garden I don't see how this is in keeping with the company ethics as so proudly mentioned a minute before!
Even spring water contains fluoride as it all gets absorbed into the earth. How about when we brush our teeth and use tap water or drink pop or eat veg that has been frozen and grown in water in the UK ?
How in the hell can forking out £20 for a tube of face cream make any difference in the grander scheme ?
Even organic veg is grown in soil where rain falls and unless you have the money to pour filtered water on your veg then its not really organic is it ?:rolleyes:

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