Some piccies of my Rocks!


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Jun 24, 2008
Yorkshire Uk
Firstly my purple pearl necklace...very pretty and unusual, love it.

Smokey quartz diamond shape ring, a lovely shade in colour, very pretty on the finger and a true bargain.

Smokey quartz and citrine ring.. Love this unusal and much much better than the pics show.

Finally for today...Smokey quartz necklace. Very weighty piece, looks gorgeous on and another bargain piece.

All delivered promptly and as expected with great customer service too. Also included were some cufflinks for OH which he likes muchly too.
Oooh they all look lovely on you Tabs or should I say Tigerlily!!!! :D
:)they are lovely well done you tiger lily i think im splurged out as much as my cc!!!its nice to the excitement back to "bling" ,i might browse later ?????but im going to be good and just watch lol xx to embarrassed to bid i mite break something again! {scorpio}
:) Great selection Tabs and they all look so very nice on you. The purple pearl necklace looks very sweet and I'm thinking that the Smokey Quartz necklace looks very striking and stylish, hope you wear it lots. Well done Tigerlily!

Great pics btw.
Great to see some photos and they all look fab quality Tabs. :YAY: :pPC:
Well done,yorkie!

You have some smashing pieces there,I particularly like the necklaces,the pearl is fab,would go for somewthing like that myself.The chunky SQ necklace looks really nice in the piccy,not something I would normally go for but now having seen it on you I may have to think again!:D
they are lovely! I have got the earrings to match your smoky quartz ring - they came today. Fab! I am jealous you have the ring :)
I would have been tempted by the earrings too Harmony, but i don't get on well with leverbacks/ shepherds hook type earrings.
well here goes if you end up with anything different to jewellery pics then soz in advance !!! you dont know how long my son spent showing me what to do !im to ehausted to bid again now....:D




I love them all ,but im sad to say that the multi gem ring will be going back,stunning but too and will cut into my finger,dont want to risk the shank upsizing it. All in all a success cant wait for the marcasite anf fire opal tommorrow:D


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first pic mocha pearl necklace
mystic topaz ring
blue diamond
topaz silverpendant
multi gem ring :eek:sorry for the rubbish way i did it but its more than ive managed before lol
All gorgeous tabs. Love the necklaces. I am unable to bid on rocks as I still have two items in the basket!!! On a positive note my CC is loving it!
well here goes if you end up with anything different to jewellery pics then soz in advance !!

:D Great holiday pics Marie, where were they taken?

:mysmilie_738.gif: :mysmilie_797.gif:

:mysmilie_691.gif: Seriously though.....well done on uploading your pics

All are very nice pieces Marie and I wouldn't mind getting up close and personal with that Blue looks lovely.....
.....have they all sold now, do you know?

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