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Oct 16, 2008
some new stuff, and congrats to ppl who are keeping the moonstone bracelet it's a stunner. Thx for Feegee mentioning another one to me but soz am not interested in it. Thx BH for helping me get the tanzy bracelet.

1. paraiba ring, it's a P not N, inclusions on a side of the stone, but not affecting much so keeping it.

2. thx to BH xxxxxxxxx the tanzy bracelet

3. it was supposed to be a blue topaz ring but i took out the stone and put the fire opal (Jan's pressie) in and so now i have a solitaire fire opal ring.

I do have the lab bangle, but wires problem so it's probably going to be ended up as something else.

No bad feelings about me pressing @20 ended 19 without my name, coz it's either my computer or the system. BUT not happy that they sell all at once again. (like the peacock pearls hoop earrings) that time sarah did reply to my thread there are more on the way, as they are test-sellers. But still none, and it was at least a month or more ago. And the thing is, now that they know there's demand, even IF there are more, esp. the bracelet, I highly doubt if it would end @20, not to mention below. Might just look somewhere else.


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Lovely haul Alu, the setting for the fire opal is perfect, well done, wish you well to wear all of them.
Alupha - Paraiba Tourmaline is a type II gemstone so inclusions are expected. In fact, finding a completely clean one is a challenge if you also want a specific colour so you're doing the right thing in keeping it.

I like what you've done with the Fire Opal too - it looks very substantial. One word of caution, Fire Opal is a fairly soft stone and isn't as durable as say a Sapphire. Therefore knocks, bumps etc., could damage or split the stone. In that setting it's quite vulnerable as it looks raised without protection around the edges. Just be extra careful when wearing it. Here's a link that you might be interested in that tells you about their durability:
Thank you Meeshoo =) I will take a look at the site and keep the site as a reference =) and will be extra careful =)
Alu love the PT on your finger! You are very welcome regarding the tanzy bracelet - looks great too but I prefer the tanzy to be bit darker!!

You are clever I wouldn't dream of altering any gemstones myself! Hope you manage to do do something with the lab. xx
lovely PT alupha,ill have to get one of theirs as mine is more of soft green one would like to see a more neon one fire opal too ive got a pendant coming nxt week clever you can do the modifying yourself ...enjoy wearing them
Lovely PT, the tanzy bracelet looks good on you and excellent work on changing the stones in that last picture. You're very talented Alu - can't wait to see what you decide to do with the stone from the lab bracelet.
I love your PT, its a lovely stone thats one I am looking out for. The Tansy bracelet is really pretty, I was very tempted when it was shown. Well done on changing the stone in the ring you are much braver than I would have been in doing the change.
Lovely things Alu! I saw you buy the paraiba, and was very envious, had it been in white gold I'd have been tooooo tempted. It looks lovely in real life.
The tanzy is really sweet, I have seen similar a few times and never been tempted, but it looks lovely on you.
And what a clever lady you are to be able to change your own stones! I'll send you a few of!!!
Enjoy wearing your lovely goodies.
Thx =) the PT was a new one I guess, I saw it the day before and so requsted it. But it was thecatwalk who found out for me that it's a 1-off :34:

The fire say thx to ppl who gave me the guts of doing it. Mom likes handcrafts, and dad gave me a set of pliers (and other tools but i only came with the pliers, used to do some in Hong Kong), and Argey in fact gave me some encouragement hoping me to have fun making my own jewelleries the other day in chat, and supporting me with some materials and some other tools which are on their way. So decided to kick a debut here for the UK side. LOL
fab PT Alu - health and joy wearing it - i am looking 4ward 2 getting mine 2morrow, hopefully i will get round to taking some snaps of mine one day lol - well done changing your stone it can be daunting sometimes - it looks great as does the lovely tanzy bracelet :)
Well done Alu, very pretty pieces, the tanzy bracelet is such a girly piece. Clever girl for creating your own 'designer' fire opal ring.


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