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Mad Granny Sue

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Jul 24, 2008
By the A34 Newcastle UL
Was dipping in and out of Gems earlier and they now do some items on 3 easy pay. Bit hit and miss tho! Drawback is that it has to be done over the phone and I when I used to buy from them it was always via the web.
I've bought this on the three easy pay...http://www.gemstv.co.uk/DataSheet.jsp?productid=135306 I wasn't sure if it would go through as I purchased it on the web. I phoned CS and asked if they knew if I could checkout on-line and still have it on three payments. Whoever I spoke to was new so he had to ask a CS manager. It turns out you can checkout on-line but you cannot add to that order as it will muck-up the payment system. I still didn't want to risk it so I got them to do it for me. I also asked for a 'Secret Santa' which went through as a seperate order (so as not to muck up the easy pay), but the good news is I didn't pay any extra postage even though it is a seperate order. It is all a bit more complicated than just paying for it in a one go, but I wouldn't have got this bracelet without it so I'm giving it a thumbs up
. I'm dying to see what the Secret Santa is like...has anyone else ordered one yet?
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