Snooztime Pillow Disaster! Warning!


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Real Horrorshow
Jun 25, 2008
The Underworld
I bought two of these pillows some time ago when they were a POTD. And I have to say I love them. However, we put them in the washer (which I have done several times before) following the washing instructions, and they have 'exploded' in the washer. There was billions of tiny poly beads everywhere. We have had to hoover out the washing machine, and have just put it on a cycle to see if its damaged or not.

I'm fuming!
Yikes - I've got these and also love them. I also wash them but have not had an explosion - yet!

Did one of the seams of the pillow fail or was it elsewhere in the fabric?
It wasnt the seams, it was the smooth side of the pillow, the fabric had just kind of disintergrated. Its a real mess, we have hoovered out what we can from the washer, but every time you put a load in, millions of little balls appear and cover all your clothes. They dont seem to drain away, they float, and we have got what we can out of the drum, the rest appear from nowhere! :mad: I'm not sure if IW would do anything, it has to be about a year ago that I got them. They obviously have a short life span.
They should issue a warning when selling these pillows. Let your thread be a warning to others not to wash them.:eek:

Thing is, that is one of the reasons I was drawn to them, as they said you could wash them which I thought was great! But you can obviously only do it a few times. I havent washed them excessively.
I put mine on a hand wash so it just sort of wiggles them about a bit, will put it in a pillow case next time with a peg on just in case! Have you heard from IW yet Choppy?

I only put it on a delicate 30 cycle.

I havent been in touch with IW, cant imagine they will do anything when it is a year ago I bought them??
i would still get in touch, i am sure there is a regulation that items sold have to be fit for the job they are designed for, and unless there is a specific rule saying dont wash more than once a year or will only last one year you have recourse does anyone know the regulation number to quote? but contact your local trading standards they iwll advise you right

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