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May 16, 2009
Hi guys :wave2:

Just wondered if there is a Smashbox TSV coming up or have i missed it??

Thank you :flower:
I really want the tsv in the us but it converts to like £51 and I only want the foundation and the mascara. Hope some people on here want to buy the other pieces in the drop!^A91236,frames^y,from^se,cm_scid^isrc,cm_ssi^Item:%20A91236&cm_re=PAGE-_-SEARCH-_-A91236
OMG I NEED that Fusion blush! Nicest TSv Sb have done in quite a while, bet we only get half of it. Grrrrr....:wonder2:

we all thaught there was going to be one on 19th star as nina announced at the end of the last show when shell be back but it turns out there isnt its a ojon tsv!:sad:
so who knows when if well get it
yep it looks lovely doesnt it redt like you say theyll probally go and mess about with it :sad:
I was really hoping for this for my birthday (any excuse!!) so hopefully it'll still appear before then (not till November). I bet like the LG Dream of Italy one that they'll take out a good bit of it as it would be expensive. I think it's going for $69 and given the way QVC usually converts $ to £ this would be way too dear for a UK tsv methinks...
The last time we had Halo full size in a TSV. It was £50+ with shipping. They put it on easy pay. We always get the full Smashbox TSVs always have.

The TSV price is $69 plus shipping and handling. Two easy payments and also they get AD as usual. They think it good value as Halo is $59 to buy on its own.
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the last smashbox tsv we had the one with halo glow in was different from what the USA had, they had a browny colourd jet set we got the emerald inc eyeliner!
really hope they dont change it i think this is the best one ive seen for a long time
AAAAAAWWWW! i just watched a Smashbox hour on QVC US and I really hope we get the same TSV they've had, it's LUSH! I don't even care if it's on the expensive side (£45 ish), there's tons in it and I love all of it! :happy:

Oh Donna, ""I don't care if it's on the expensive side"". Hardly f.a.r.t talk. I thought you of all people would resist. Well done BakerGirl for grassing her up. There are hardly any true f.a.r.ts on this forum. I haven't watched any qvc today for fear of ending up like our Glorious Leader. I must catch up to see what she has been buying today.
I am in Minnesota on holiday at the moment and spent the day watching the tsv on Saturday!!! It is lovely and I really hope we get that as our tsv soon. They also had the new halo eyeshadows too - and they looked really good when demo-ed.

They get much better products than we do and I even saw one yesterday with 6 easi-pay's - it was only $199 so wasnt even a really expensive product.

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