Smashbox TSV - May 09


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Aug 10, 2008
The Forest
For all you Smashbox addicts - along with me - I heard Alison and the Smashbox lady saying last night that the next visit would be in May 'for a very special day'!!! This I interpret as being a tsv day - and we are due one.

Now we just need our Special Detectives on the case......:funky:
Thanks Sazza - this is what I copied from that thread:

Don't know when the next TSV is but I think it will be 228 100 Smashbox 5 Piece Keep it Glowing Collection currently priced £48.25

Any ideas what is in it yet?????

Never satisfied me - till I know all about it!!!
AS usual I will be in sunny Florida when this airs DD loves her Smashbox too, so I may have to try to purchase 2 of these online time difference permitting when the time arises! :LOL:

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