Smashbox Powder Brush 19 & 29


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Good question I would like to know too. I have the big brush, 19, which is really big so the 29 sounds interesting.
I asked the very same question last month when buying the Halo powder from QVC. The brush 29 is dumpier with a similar head to the brush 19. The fm who answered my question(sorry cant remember who) explained that if buying Halo from anyone else other than QVC you received a SB kabuki brush which was not so soft? I have both 19 and 29 and would say they were both great quality brushes, similar, but not the same and well worth a try. Linda
I've got a full set of SB brushes bought from Jayne,QVC or received in TSV's and have got to say they are the best although Jaynes Ultimate brushes come a very close second. I find that any makeup task is easier to achieve when using SB makeup tools, i am loving the SB concealer brush#31 at the mo, i've been using Makeupforever brushes for a couple of years on Ali Youngs advice and thought their concealer brush was good until i started using the SB#31 concealer brush - its fab!! I also cant live(ridiculous but true) without my SB travel brush set or my Ultimate brush travel set on the go on a daily basis - its like having the full brushes without the bulk when travelling for touch up(oh missus!!)jobs. I bought my travel sets from Jaynes website but QVC sell the SB travel set(smaller than Jaynes - not so many brushes and more expensive;)) sometimes. I forgot to say in my last post to Clare - the lovely FM that helped me also told me in their reply post that SB were in the process of revamping their brushes - hence the new #29 body brush - anybody got anymore info on this?.

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