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Apr 25, 2009
Hello there only visited this site once before to pick your brains and am hoping you can help me again.Which Smashbox fusion to go for .I have a pale skin and my hair is going grey have tried LG bronzer and others and blushers and always look dirty.Any help would be appreciated.:
Intermix would be the best one to go for - that is the one I use and it suits my pale skin and light brown hair. Is very natural looking.
Intermix is a particularly nice blend of colours imo and indeed subtle which will leave you with no trace of muddy, orange or feverishness colour on your face. :D
Many thanks for the advice.Will go for the intermix but may buy from JBD.Great forum has stopped me wasting money.Thank you
Hiya Digarth - you might want to check out the other face fusions we have in the sale - there are plenty of the quad ones which are perfect for paler skintones. Plus also have a look at out Gift with Purchase which is the Aglow Fusion Softlights. Today is the last day for that one, the gift will change tomorrow at midnight. It is very, very pretty!
Once again thank you will go and have a look already bought my primer from you better price and delivery than QVC .
Digarth I also find that LG makes my face look dirty too.

Love Smashbox - but saving my penny's till I go to the USA at the end of the month to stock up!!!
Lucky you Rosey .Will give Smashbox a go hope you dont mind but which brush would be best is it worth buying a complete kit from Jbd I have had trouble with brushes in past cannot use any animal hair brushes again wasted money on BE brushes which cannot use.
digarth check out the ultimate brushes on JBD, the softest and best quality brushes around and vegan friendly. Hope you enjoy the fusions, they're lovely both the face and the eye palettes.

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