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Hi all, just thought I'd let you know that Smashbox Halo in Fair is in stock. Sorry if this has already been posted! :eek: After months on the waitlist it suddenly turned up - unfortunately it's too light for me! :( Now the Light is on waitlist! :rolleyes:
I don't have this, but I like Smashbox products.

Could anyone tell me how I would use the Halo, please?



Hi Linda,

However you like, really. I use it as a light foundation. It seems to have good staying power on me. I reckon it would go well over a tinted moisturiser. It has a lovely soft feel. I like BE but BE is messy to take out and I think the Halo lasts better on me. It's not that easy to get. My daughter couldn't even get it in America last week.

I have a light one - out of stock at the moment. As a guide I wear BE medium beige (just gort the golden medium which is lovely) and I would buy another Halo if I can get one when I run out.
Bella.What about the wedding fund??????????:p


Haven't you noticed I've been rather quiet lately! :) I've been trying to be good - but it's sooooo hard!!

I did go for the LE tsv and Energising set on easypay yesterday, but don't tell anyone!!:eek::D

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