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Jun 24, 2008
It looks like QVC has given this show the boot bugger it was one thing i use to watch it was never the same after Tim Goodwin left.:mad:
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Totally agree 6pm on Saturday was a show I never missed, then the weekend TSV launch with Tim. The gold old days od QVC are lost forever, IMO one of the most boring channels now.
I agree Webby it is indeed boring,i loved the SOHO hours now all we seem to get is crap jewellery make up and even worse "fashion" shows,there isn't any need for me to tune i anymore so i rarely do.
The thing with QVC it is now a woman only channel, having said that this is a policy that covers the USA Germany and Japan stations of QVC.
Good job the the high street shops don't behave in this manner.
Tim Goodwin was great and the short, dumpy Archos man (can't remember his name) - the techy hours (which are now few and far between) are not the same anymore.

There is now more and more crappy fashion and craft. And even the beauty hours are going down hill with more of the same - when are they going to give us something new????
(My mum writes....)

I'm happy the tech has gone. I'm mostly housebound through illness and shopping TV is my lifeline. It stops me getting depressed when I can watch a beauty programme and fashion, even if some of it is a bit naff! I don't need a new TV every week anyhow and my computer is just fine.

(Moth writes...)

Great one QVC. What about us blokes? I guess I'll go elsewhere for the camera stuff I need now.
Its a real shame they dropped it - but it had gone down hill as some of the presenters doing it spent most of the time saying they didn't understand techy - and therefore the presentation was so basic - and if Danny from HP says "I don't want to get technical" once more I'll get technical with him!!

I suspect that QVC have some problems on matching prices as well and give we are all so much more savvy on checking prices (if not brands - see TV thread) and posting on here the better deals it can't be helping them.

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