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Aug 5, 2008
West Midlands
After a long time not buying from gems i found the cleareance and 10% discount to hard to ignore, so this is my first venture into Tahitian pearls i have never seen one IRL before and i love them!
So i need your help i ordered a pendant and 2 rings (to pick my favorite and the one that matches the pendant the best)
So the first ring is a beautiful peacock green colour
Second ring is a beautiful (again) bronze colour
and the pendant is between the 2 shades (so matches both although slightly closer to the bronze)
I love both the rings and can't decide, the strange thing is both rings are 10mm and the pendant is 9.5mm so i thought they would be similar in size but they are not the pendant is so much smaller? can't work out if my rings are maybe larger than 10mm or the pendant is smaller than 9.5mm.
All opinions very welcome, also sorry about the Iliana box but its the only light box i have all the others are black and don't show up the colour of the pearls.


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Rings and pendant together, also forgot to say the diamonds are stunning so white and sparkly.


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One last thing i needed to ask i know pearls can have marks/blemishes but are they acceptable in TP as the bronze ring and the pendant are flawless but the peacock one has a small mark/pit, the thing thats really silly is if they had of move the pearl round 1-2mm it would have been hidden by the setting!
Sorry about all the pics i'm click happy today lol


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"Sorry about the pictures?" WHAT? It's absolutely BRILLIANT to see real life photos. A real treat! :up2: Thank you.

My first reaction was to say, if you didn't have to send one back I wouldn't. I'd keep them all. The reason is that if you try to buy TP's elsewhere (treated or not), you'll find that they're seriously more in terms of £s. You've also got 10% discount!

If you can't my answer would be to keep the bronze ring and definitely the pendant. I am in lust with that pendant. It's gawjus! :tongue2: I think that the bronze ring matches really well, whereas the peacock ring is lovely, but doesn't match as well although it co-ordinates. For me, I believe that a pendant and ring are far enough apart NOT to have to match brilliantly anyway.

You mentioned sizes of the pearls? Don't forget GemsTV state the minimum size you'll get. So I reckon the pearls in your rings are bigger than the minimum but the pendant is probably the minimum. To qualify as a TP, the pearl must be bigger than 8.5mm so they're all in range in any case.

The pit in the peacock ring does devalue it slightly as one of the things you look for in a TP is to have a smoothness and no pits or dents. If you decide to keep all 3 it might be worth asking CS if they could swap it for another. Of course, it might not be a peacock colour so you'd need to weigh that up as well.

Overall, you've got 3 lovely items! :clapping: Personally I wouldn't send any back BUT if you've got to, then it should be the peacock ring. Nice one GC.
Lovely items GC.....I prefer the pearl ring with the wider diamond-set shoulders as I think the colour match with the pendant is nicer.

Also I know, from my personal point of view, that I would be bound to get the "arms" of the swirls of the other ring get caught in the dog's hair, children's hair, my hair, clothes, etc etc!!

Unless you are paying truly amazing and huge sums for pearls there will be small blemishes on them. I have white South Sea pearl earrings that I paid an absolute fortune for ( moment of weakness, what can I say?!) from a really respected high -end jeweller and they are not perfectly round and have tiny little marks in them. I have a chum who is a pearl fiend, with a sumptuous collection of black Tahitians.... bought at great expense..... none of them are 100 per cent "perfect" .

I would go for the best colour match for your two items... that is what is most noticeable in waering them.
They all look lovely GC, If i was in your shoes and if budget allowed i would keep all 3 :) Enjoy wearing them.
Thanks guys i am leaning towards the bronze pearl ring myself and hubby has come home now and he also prefers that ring as well i was considering keeping both but i will never wear them both so maybe if i return one i can find some earrings instead!
I prefer the colour of the green but the design and match of the bronze are much better. (My opinion only of course...). I would be tempted to keep both too, they really are quite different but will you be happy with the pit? I see what you mean about if only they had moved it round a little it would be hidden but then you can't be sure that there isn't something else hidden already... :eek:

(Basket Case here BTW in case you were wondering...) :spider:
All of them lovely choices it has to be said,especially the pendant........delicious!!!

I would keep the bronze ring as it matches the pendant much better,and I think I prefer the style as well.

Enjoy wearing them,you'll feel a million dollars!!:)
The bronze pendant and ring are a match made in heaven. I love the colour of the green gemcherub but if you won't wear both rings, I'd get a matching pair of earrings and send the green one home. Love, love your pendant. :)
I'm going with the flow Cherub but would like to add that I enjoyed looking at all the pics. I've seen the bronze ring on TV and though I don't know what you paid, the price I saw was very good value, specially for all those diamonds.

The pendant is lovely indeed, the setting looks so pretty and one I haven't seen before. They do match better in your pics, but also the greenish pearl looks slightly bigger than the other ring. It would irritate me to have a small dint in the pearl, and if you do decide to keep it, perhaps it could be swapped.

Hope you get heaps of enjoyment from wearing whichever of these lovelies you decide to keep.

S xx
Gemcherub, what a lovely haul of pearls, they have such a beautiful sheen, all stunners! The pendant is stunning
I noticed the THP too, and wanted to add one to my order but I completely forgot and have checked out now...... and can't use the discount anymore
The bronze ring and pendant look perfect together.

I think you should send the peacock ring back because you probably wouldn't
wear it very much if you kept it.

All beautiful tho and thanks for sharing your pics.
Thank you all so much for your advice and comments you have as always been very helpful and i am very grateful, i do think the peacock may go back maybe for some earrings but i do have a demantiod garnet on order so may have to check the pennies first lol

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