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Jun 24, 2008
I've been singing the praises of TJC lately but unfortunately I have to moan now :Sad2:

I returned a White Gold Peridot ring as I felt the Peridot didn't have the colour or clarity I expected. TJC received this item on 9th September but I still haven't received my refund. I emailed them - they ignored me so I emailed again advising that I would post my poor experience here and they replied. However, they are quoting their Terms & Conditions which apparently state that refunds can take up to 30 days!!! Eh why??? :Thinking2: They went on to say that they had refunded my card on 15th September but this can take 5-7 days to appear in my account - eh why??? :Angry3:

I have just checked my card online and the refund still hasn't appeared yet anytime I have returned items to Gems TV this has been in my account within 2 days. Now if you read Gems posts you will know they are not exactly flavour of the month with me but how come they can process their refunds in 2 days yet TJC need 30 days?

Sorry TJC this is carp and you've let yourselves down here. You are quick enough at taking money, not even waiting until you dispatch the items so get your ass in gear and sort out your refunds because this is poooo!! :Angry2:
Last time i returned an item i still wasn't refunded after 30 days so i emailed them and was told it had been done yesterday and can take 5-7 days to show in my account, but strangely it appeared the next morning! so you may find now you have contacted them yours will show either tomorrow or Monday. Hope so.
TJC have always been exceptionally slow to refund which is why I stopped buying from them. There is absolutley NO reason why it should take 30 days to process a refund, it is just them deliberately holding onto customers' money to gain the interest on it and facilitate their cash flow. It now appears to be even worse which is counter productive in the long term because customers will be deterred from buying. :pPC:
I returned some items, and they were refunded within four days. Very good.
I have returned some other items, but they not been refunded yet, (they only received them on the 17th), however, I saw one of my returned items on a rapid auction last night!
Bit of a cheek I thought, to be selling it when they've not even refunded me!
Or maybe my refunds are going through the credit card system?

Hope they don't take 30 days, - or more!

I'm keeping my eye open for tonights rapid auction, to see if my other two rings come up (a ruby and diamond (illiana), and a ceylon sapphire and diamond ring.:33:
A x
I had a letter today sending me a refund by cheque "as we cannot carry out a card refund at this time".

And guess what....

.......the cheque wasn't signed!! :(
so can you cash it Sacha? I suppose it depends if the cashier notices...
more haste less speed next time ? oops sorry wrong words lol.

Klos totally agree with you - in these days of technology and banking automation, no reason why they should hang onto your money other than to gain interest on it. mind you, paypal are the same - it takes them 7 days to effect a transfer.
I had a letter today sending me a refund by cheque "as we cannot carry out a card refund at this time".

And guess what....

.......the cheque wasn't signed!! :(

Sacha that's a disgrace! Why can't they refund a credit card just now? So were they telling me porkies then when they said they had processed my refund because it's still not on my card? Tomorrow is the 7th day and they said 5-7 days. Something smells here - not signing the cheque is an old trick usually when someone has no money!!
I was biting my nails recently waiting for a large refund from them. For me, it's just not worth the worry, wondering if and when you're going to get your money back. I won't be buying from them again and it's a shame because they do have some lovely jewellery.

I hope you all get your refunds sorted quickly.
Day 7 in the Klosblue House and guess what? Yep still no refund!! I was told it had been done on 15th September but could take 5-7 days to reach my card. Oh TJC how can you improve so much on one front and then blow it all on another??? Muppets!!

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