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Jul 9, 2008
I think this has been discussed before but I ordered them this morning. Do they work???

Just got back from holiday and feel all bloated and fat !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
They do not get good reviews on the qvc site and I prefer the spanx ones but they are more expensive. The spanx are made of a nicer material not so nylon'y. Won't buy anything else but spanx now - have tried most of the cheaper ones.
Spanx are the way to go, have tried slim and lift and they did lift, but I have a large tummy and it lifted it, so that I couldn't do up my trousers, whereas I could without them!Also I think the presentation is a bit of a con, as the woman who presents them, doesn't seem to hold the tape measure in the same place all the time, and the models look like they are wearing too small underwear in the first place:confused:
No good for me. I ordered the size they recommended but could not get them on. I struggled for some time but was exhausted by the end of it all. Decided it was easier to have a cup of tea and another biscuit. :rolleyes:

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