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Jun 24, 2008
Does anyone have an email address for sit up? Just over a month ago I bid on a quilt set and got it, had the email to say congrats etc. then a few days later I had a call from them to say there was a problem with my order, but the woman on the phone kept on asking for my pin number which I couldn't remember, I had an idea that it was the last 4 digits of my phone number so I asked her but she wouldn't tell me, she just kept asking for my pin number, then I asked her if it was about the quilt cover but she just kept repeating that she wanted my pin number, in the end I told her to email me about the problem but have heard nothing, I contacted them via the online form and got a reply saying they would contact me within 7-10 days, that was a month ago and I have heard nothing, in the meantime my account is now showing the item as cancelled.
A few days ago I put in a bid for an item on clearance, there were 4 available, I was the first to place a bid, the item went down to the price I bid but when I looked at the 'winners' there was only 3 people on the list and I wasn't one of them, last night I bid on something else on clearance, again there were 4 items available, it went down to the price I bid but when I again looked at the list of 'winners' nobody else had bid and there were no names on the list, so it looks like I'm not going to get that item either, I filled in the online form when it happened the first time but got no response, I'm hoping someone has a proper email address I can write to.
I always print off the confirmation of bid so I can prove to them that I did indeed bid for the items, I'm getting a bit fed up about it now, I'm trying to buy some Christmas presents but if it's going to be this hit and miss I'm beginning to wonder if it's worth the hastle.
Thank you for the info, I'll try customer info first and if I don't get any joy there I'll try Ian out sit up, I'm coming to get you..
Oh dear, I've tried both email addresses and they've both bounced back as undeliverable, any suggestions?
Thanks MGS I've just sent the email, I'll let you know if that one bounces back.
Still no reply to the online forms I filled in, bet they go straight in their delete bin.
Don't you need your pin number to log in and bid on clearance items on-line?
Don't you need your pin number to log in and bid on clearance items on-line?

No, you can set up your own password and use your email address instead of your membership number and pin, to log in, I've been using that for a long time now, hense the reason I've forgotten my pin number.
Have you checked that the credit/debit card on file is still valid? I had a similar problem once (it didn't tell me what it was but eventually I worked out the reason why), when I updated my card details, the order was processed and then delivered, although I did have to call customer services to let them know I think.

I too, however, have never had a response to a customer service email, and at one point a couple of years ago emailed Andy Hodgson direct and he got the matter sorted almost immediately!!

I don't know how irritated you get when on the phone (although in my experience their staff are some of the best at raising the customer's blood pressure) but it's maybe not time to go off on one (lose the plot, if you will) and see if that'll gets a result.

Good luck (you need it with this mob)!
Thank you so much for the email address MGS I had a phone call from a lovely man Pat Sharkey who promised to try and find out what was happening as some orders were going through whilst others were disappearing, he has phoned me 3 times now trying to sort it out, he can't find out what the problem is but he's given me his direct number so I can call him immediately if it happens again. He's also listened to the call I had from customer services and agreed it was not satisfactory on their part. It might have taken a while but once my email got through to the right person the customer service was excellent.
So pleased you now have contact, even if the root of the problem couldn't be solved. At least now you have a contact no. and a name!

I'm just sorry I missed the . out of the address the first time, causing you even more angst!

Sue xx
Several problems emailing these situp tv channels. Bestbuys don't always get through. You wait for about half an hour and your Inbox says it's not been delivered. I keep trying and most days these efforts are second or third time lucky. Otherwise I'll try the next day. I've asked for them to provide a separate website domain contact address for such times but nothing was done by the looks of it so it's up to you if you want to get through. Always send a CC or BCC copy to yourself in case you need that exact info for future reference.

Their online website feedback setup doesn't always permit the details if over a character limit so that causes an hour extra every now and then explaining things. I change the type of reply to them into feedback rather than returns or anything else.

Most of the time I get responses. The last 3 complaints attempts I got no reply at all.

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