Simon Smithies, gawd help us!!!


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Have they stopped doing auditions for guests at QVC??

They are now using Simon Smithies, gawd help us!!! :mad:

IMO I personally would NEVER trust QVC again afer the iQuon debarcle.
I find this laptop hard to fault for the price, two things spring to mind (I do have an acer myself with an AMD x64 cpu and Vista x64 o/s installed) I don't like light coloured keyboards they show the mucky finger marks, also it has an AMD x64 dual core cpu but I would bet my life it has Vista 32 bit installed, why not use Vista x64 to utilise all of the processor power instead of an o/s meant for x86 cpu's, it makes no sense to me, 64 bit processors can address far more memory than 32bit!
It's like having a V12 engine in a car and using 6 cylinders imo.

This link will explain it better for those interested
Has anyone gone for this? Or are there better deals on the high street? My Dell is driving me mad but their customer services are ok. Any thoughts?
We've gone for this, been after a laptop for a while a good price and a bonus with 4 ez pays, a friend of mine has one and she loves hers so can't wait for it to arrive now:D
are cheaper on the high street and no p+p, £35 for delivery wheres it coming from mars
I was interested in this until I saw the £35 P & P. Plus as it's under 4 kg you'd have to pay to return it, no way.

Husband has just ordered me an HP from the HP website via Quidco which has a 10% off code on top. Plus free delivery.

Plus I forgot to add that it has a free HP messenger carry bag included.
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Thank you Graham, I saw the advert and it took me a while to register where I had seen the man before.

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