Silicone baking boards


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Sorry, but just not up my street! As far as I'm concerned, silicone manufacturers are just finding any possible creation they can to offload the stuff!
Measured my oven and can see the problem with the larger boards! Mine is not the biggest oven but the measurements are just about an exact fit. Am tempted by the smaller ones they have in some sets though.

Mariecat they can create as much as they like as far as I'm concerned! I can now make loaf or sponge cakes without all the messing about with greasing, etc and they come out perfectly every time even if a sticky recipe. I also appreciate the ease of storage compared with tins.

I read some of the reviews that complain about the non stick value and think it's misunderstood. People try and cook the same as they have been used to with metal but the secret I've found is to leave it to cool for a bit first. Great thing too that you can bend the silcone so even the occasional stubborn thing can be tempted out this way.
I've got these and am pleased with them. If you try to hold the frame in the middle of one side, they're a bit unstable, so I hold them with 2 corners (on one side) and they're fine. Can recommend them

Have to agree, I love my silicon bakeware. I still have all my metal stuff cos it was my mums and is precious to me but it is stored away. I love that it is so easy to clean and store and I love all the colours.
hi there!
i am a bit of a fan of silicone, mainly as it means cooking with no or very little fat and it is generally v easy to clean. i have found the sizes are ok but a little tight...the one thing i would say to all silicone users is be aware of the oven temp - i had left a silicone tray in the oven once and was astonished when it cracked in half when i took it out - clearly it was my fault as i had left in an oven when it must have exceeded the temp or been at the highest temp for some time, but it was a bit frghtening!
I think mine is similar to these, it came with the tsv before Christmas :33:..I do find it a very tight fit in my Stoves double oven, I get concerned that the ends might burn as they do connect with the sides and also whatever is on there might go whizzing off whilst I am trying to get it out, it is mainly used as a cooling rack now, for that reason . :1:

I don't like it for the same reason as daydreamer, it is not stable enough, there you go Athena you've just saved yourself some pennies!

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