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OK, so it's 11.15 on Saturday morning and my head is a little...shall we say...delicate!!

Decided I needed some gemstone therapy and popped Rocks TV on. Caroline was on at the time and she was mercifully calm for a change...she obviously realises that Saturday morning is the time to whisper at the customers!!


Who the hecky pecky is that bird on now that has taken over from her??? Every time...EVERY GOD DAMN TIME the price drops, she yells.......A LOT.....AND LOUDLY.....AND IF SHE DOESN'T STOP IT I AM GOING TO REACH INTO THE TELE AND SHOVE ONE OF HER OWN BADLY CUT, WINDOWED STONES RIGHT DOWN HER RUDDY THROAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

..............and breathe..............think I had better turn over before my head explodes!!!

...oh and she has just described a Shampoo rubellite as eye clean when I can see the inclusions through my last-nights-alcohol there something wrong with her eyes??????

Her latest yelp was 'Get Out Of Town'....ok then...don't need telling twice....switching to Gems....
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LOL - you've made my Saturday - even the thought of my expedition to Tesco's has turned brighter after that.

I think you've probably brought a smile to eveyone's face, who reads you post!!

Excellent - hope the fog clears soon :hi:
I think you might mean Stacey, though I'm not watching this morning, just flicked over for a second and heard her voice. I agree that she goes on and on and on and I also think she is the worst at the hard sell despite her cutesy manner and voice. Certainly not my favourite either, can't really watch her and change over when she is on (and that's without a hangover!). Hope you feel better soon.
Thanks both...I hope it gets better soon too!!!!

...and just to clarify, when I said Rocks TV in my original post, I totally meant Rocks and Co....sorry Steve Bennett!!!!
Aaaah yes, that would be the screamer known as Stacey. She makes my ears bleed! Can't stand her presenting "technique".

Oh and if she says "my producer Cherry Pie" or "Cherry Pie this and that" or "Cherry my producer does this" one more time I'll be in the queue with the gaffer tape for her gob.
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