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Jun 24, 2008
Smethwick West Midlands
Hi everyone,

Which is the best day to visit the Shrewsbury Outlet? I know some of you on here have been and I would value your opinions.

Maz X
I went on a Sunday about three weeks ago. It wasn't too busy at all. But it's a bit miserable being in the shopping centre with everything else closed.

I think the time before, it was a Monday, and it was brisk in there but not intolerably so.
At least you're not too far away. It's a real hike from London.

Actually, a good reason to go on a Sunday is that the M6 isn't too bad.
went today and there was plenty there, i usualy go on a thursday and find that a good day
The time has finally come!

I'm heading to Oxford today, and myself and a friend are making the trip up to Shrewsbury tomorrow.

Does anyone have any advice on where to park? I know there was a thread which contained info on this, but it was ages ago.

Is there parking in the shopping centre?


Minnie x
Yes, there is. You head for the Darwin Centre car park, which is quite hard to find (or it was for me...) Go up to the 7th floor (I think this is right, it's certainly high up) and park near the doors into the centre. The outlet shop is not far from the doors.

I hope you have a wonderful time and I want to hear all about it!
You need to head into the centre of Shrewsbury (follow signs for the town centre and Frankwell). There are only two bridges in Shrewsbury - the Welsh bridge and the English bridge, the Welsh bridge will take you in about 300 yards from the Darwin centre. The car park you need to park in is called Raven Meadows - it is hard to find, the shops are at floor 7, if you go in through the doors you walk down a ramp and QVC is the second shop on your right.
Sorry for the delayed response. Arrived home late on Sunday and got struck down by a bout of suspected food poisoning Mon/Tues.

Can I say thanks once again for the sterling advice!!

In the end three of us went, and the advance knowledge was much appreciated.

We located the car park and thank God we parked near the doors as advised, so that we could lug all our Northern Nights bedding out!

I spent nearly two hours just trawling through the bedding:8:
(There was an additional 30% discount of marked prices of bedding at the till btw.)

We ended up having to return to the car with the bedding in order to begin shopping again.

Once back in, I managed to snap up a pair of Butler & Wilson earrings. (My mate thinks they're a bit Pat Butcher, but for £15.02 I think they're a steal, and hey, I like them! Plus, I was eyeing them up in the B&W shop beforehand, so it's kind of fate that I got them in the end.)
(I feel even more pleased now I know the price!)

I also bought a Cook's Essentials roasting set for £30.19

And a set of Microfibre Towels - 4 bath + 4 hand £20.85, with a £6.26 reduction at the till, so £14.59 in the end.

There were some of the last Sinphonia TSVs in the bedding section going for about £30 I think. I also spotted some Oreck vacuum cleaners. There were a couple of sets of Bare Escentuals eye shadows (x3 + brush) going for about £15. Trying to rack my brains to think of other items of note that were there...

My friend bought two freedom bags for £3 and gave me one to keep :1::

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