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Jun 28, 2008
just got back from my holidays where i popped into the qvc outlet store not much in very disappointed only bought three things
the hanna candles (tsv i think) from a while back 6.99
easyio yougurt marker not that much cheaper 21.00 but it was a complete set with maker twelve packets of mix
and a battery charger 14.00
talked hubby into taking me to warrington in a few week hope it is a bit better
Being a Londoner with no car, I've never been, I love to know what is in them!
Which is the best one to go to?
Being a Londoner with no car, I've never been, I love to know what is in them!
Which is the best one to go to?

I wouldn't fret if I were you. I've never been to Warrington, but I've visited the Shrewsbury outlet a few times and have never even been tempted to buy anything. In fact, the last time I went to Shrewsbury I didn't even bother taking the escalator to the bottom floor to pay a visit!! I honestly don't know why people get excited at the prospect of shopping there. It's like a horrible charity shop (not the well run ones), dirty, messy, dingy etc etc.
It used to be much, much better. When Shrewsbury first opened it was fairly neat and tidy and there were some incredible bargains, most TSV's used to appear at some point which meant you could nearly always find something you really wanted when you went in. Over the last year or two it has hit the dust IMO, same old cheap tat, nothing new ever arrives and they have stopped getting anything near the variety that they used to have in. Now it's a real disappointment TBH and I rarely bother visiting anymore.

Still can't argue - for a while it was great and I got more than a few real bargains :)
I went to the Shrewsbury outlet for the first time this week (well it was half way between home and our holiday in Wales, so a good place to stop - didn't tell Mr Jantac why I wanted to stop there until we'd actually arrived:cool:)

I was quite impressed with the jewellery selection and got talking to the lady on the counter who really knew her stuff. She was explaining how some of the items are 'dead stock' not returns, and that she gets lists of this stock, then chooses what she wants for the shop.

I got two excellent bargains - a Clogau diamond anniversary ring (same design as the recent TSV pendant) for £101, and the Claudia ring which I think is gorgeous for £59.99, a saving of about £100 on the QVC price.

The rest of the shop didn't really tempt me much (and I didn't think I should spend any more money.............:eek:) but I'd visit again for the jewellery
i've had a lot of bargains from warrington depends on when they put stock out.Ive had a lot of craft stuff plus electrical goods at rock bottom prices:)

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