Shrewsbury Outlet best place to park?


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Jun 30, 2009
Hey guys ....

I'm a brand newbee here ..... hurrah ... !!

Love all the comments about the presenters .... and so true ... I'm going to enjoy joining in ... oooh so cruel ...!!!!

Have to agree Jill F really gets up my nose ... she has one of everything she ever presents, in every room in the house .. then forgets and says I'm really intrigued how do you use it /apply it etc .... even my hubby calls here "The Li*r" ..... grrrrrrrrrrr !!!

Anyway, the reason for my first post, is to ask for advice parking at the Shrewsbury outlet .... already have my directions to get there, but have heard its a nightmare parking!!

Thanks all, and glad to be part of the gang ..!!
Miss F. xxxx:heart:
Hello and welcome! You can either park in the multi-storey in the town, or there are a few park and rides available depending on which direction you are going in from.
The shops are Level 7 from the multi-storey.
Enjoy yourself here!
You need to head into the centre and follow the signs for a multi storey called Raven Meadows. It is on the road by the Welsh Bridge and by the side of the River Severn. As Twinkle says the shops are on Level 7 and as you come through the doors and down the ramp QVC is the second shop on your right.
Raven Meadows is only £1 for an hour :)

...... and if you buy anything big you can take it back to the car and go back for another load:lol:

TK Maxx is also opposite the outlet - two for the price of one!

By the way Welcome Missyf - enjoy your time here.
Hi and welcome to another newbie. I wish the outlets were closer to me as I would love to have a nose around but they are a bit far for a day trip from Essex.
Got it ... multi storey ... level 7 ..... sat nat, credit cards and hubby(for large purchases ) at the ready ..... !!!!!

Thanks guys for all your replies, and help ..... I think I'm going to like it here !!!

Missy xxxxxxxx

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