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black diamond witch
Jun 24, 2008
Those of you who kindly commented on my Hermes-delivery-service-are-useless thread will know that my Yankee Candle TSV arrived in a sad and soggy state having been thrown over my side gate on a rainy day.

I emailed QVC, and just asked if the tart burner was fully guaranteed, because although it seemed fine the inside of the parcel was wet.

The response was brilliant - another one has already been sent out to me (via Royal Mail this time!!!!) and the old one will be collected from an address of my choice via courier. Work address I think so hopefully a different courier! Isn't that impressive!
really pleased they've sorted it for you. I'm very impressed. I wish they'd get rid of Hermes.
really pleased they've sorted it for you. I'm very impressed. I wish they'd get rid of Hermes.

No need to get rid of Hermes, just need to sort out a few of the bad couriers they have.

Jantac, glad you got it sorted :)
Our Hermes ladies are blummen brilliant! They've made a note of all their regular customer's days off and they keep our parcels until then. Hermes need more like them and less like the cowboy who delivers to you Jantaculum.

Thumbs up to QVC on this one! :)
Mine was left outside to get wet, fortunately mostly under cover so only the out box was knackered. Then a couple of days later I had a phone call from QVC asking if it had been delivered on a certain day - I said no it was delivered a day later. Wonder if they had a glut of complaints?

Whoever left mine didnt even have the decency to put a card through the door saying they left it, oh and I was in at the time too!

I never ever had a problem with any deliveries from QVC, and remember thinking how lucky I was reading about it on here.

Well my husband just came home from a business trip and asked what the (by now) soggy box was doing in the porch................

Yep, it was aparcel from QVC. Ok it was under cover, but I have been home with the flu all day, so they sure as heck haven't rang the doorbell. One of the boxes inside was damaged as well (3 aroma diffusers), so wouldn't have been able to give that as a pressie (good job I'm keeping it myself

Ok the contents weren't damaged, but I hope this is not going to be are regular occurrence.
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