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The SBC Cucumber Stress Gel can. Can be used as a moisturiser treatment or mask. It has Vitamin A to minimise dark circles and shadows. i found the information off the net Momad.Not sure about the Arnica Gel.
Thanks Dazzler for the info :D. I was just curious because arnica gets used for bruises and swellings and my eyes sometimes resemble bruises and swellings in the mornings:18:.
Thanks Dazzler for the info :D. I was just curious because arnica gets used for bruises and swellings and my eyes sometimes resemble bruises and swellings in the mornings:18:.

So does mine Momad. I know I dont sleep particulary well but I despair of what to do. Have tried every concealer going and the eye gels, creams, lotions and potions I have is ridiculous! I didnt think of trying Arnica but its a good idea. I will give it a go I think as the gel is supposed to be safe enough for young children to use.

Thanks for sharing the idea :40:

Once saw a recommendation for Preperation H..........havent had the nerve to try that yet...I have a face like the back end as it is.

Have you any idea why we have this Momad? I read a lot about it and according to 'they' ( you know..'they' say its because you dont get enough sleep etc!) its down to:-

Not enough Iron
Not enough sleep
Not enough water
Too much alchohol :54:

I have had mine for years and tried most concealers. If you have one that works, Id be very interested in hearing about it.

I think I would definetly put mine down to not enough iron, I don't eat very well. I tried the Preparation H years ago and it dried out my eye area really badly.
Ahh, I will give that a miss then. I have wrinkles as well as very dark circles and puffy eyes ( sound very attractive dont I lol :56:) so any more dryness there would be a disaster.

Reminds me of the time years ago that I tried the spot 'remedy' of putting toothpast on a pimple.....blummin stuff burnt my skin away - dont ever try it!!!

I have an order of SBC coming so I am going to give the Arnica a try. I can see the sense in that.

Thats a great price + free P&P!! I have no idea what a Goji Berry is but I have gone and ordered it too :D. This time next week we could be gorgeous!!!!!

Well done for finding that Momad :60:

LOL, I just checked it again and it doesn't appear to have any nasties in it and it's 30ml not 15ml, I think we got a bargain :D. I think we could probably use our arnica gel underneath it too.
Can't wait for this to come now. It will be ironic if it works after the HUMONGOUS amounts of money I have spent on eye 'miracles' !!!!!!

My order arrived today Momad.....but they sent the facial cream instead of the eye cream :12:. My eyes are puffy enough on a morning without me risking using a cream I am not sure about round my eyes so I have emailed them.

I have been using the Arnica gel and so far no bad reactions but it is light and easily absorbed so I didnt really think there would be. Too early for any signs of improvement though.

Did yours come yet. Hope you get the right stuff. The bottle on the web site clearly shows Eye cream and not Facial cream!!

Hiya Bet yes I did get mine, I cant wait to get cracking with it and I'm going to use the arnica gel underneath:4: I hope you get it sorted and maybe they might let you keep the face cream:1:.
I hope they get it sorted too Momad. Impressed with their delivery even though they got it wrong. I am sure they will get it sorted but if they do ask me to post the cream back I will be a little less than impresses as they wouldnt know if I had opened it (which I havent) and I would wonder if they are going to sell it on. Probably not worth them paying the P&P back though to be honest with what it costs!

Cant wait to hear what you think. After two sleepless nights I am looking decidedly scarey!!!

You can use the collagen gel on your eyes, they say its what the models use. you apply a thickish layer at night.

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