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Aug 2, 2009
Please can someone tell me how to say thanks to someone for a post. I've tried to do it by clicking on the thumbs up next to the person's post but it doesn't work?

Thanks! :happy::up2:
I think you may need to be a VIP (Paid Up) member Greenie, cost's about £5, one off payment, you get access to other parts of the forum. Well worth it.

Welcome by the way.
I think you have to be a fully paid up member as well. Very occasionally the "thanks" doesn't appear and you have to click out and back in again but that's not often. Is this what you see when you look at Jan's post above. If I click on the thumbs up sign it will add a thanks.


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Hey! It worked that time!! I'll now go back and say a belated thanks on my other posts!
Off topic, I know, but.... Jan, I love your avatar. Really cute!

hello, whilst MissMagpie is mentioning avatars, do you have to become a VIP member before you can add an avatar? me being a relative newbie and technophobe, just wondered - and also, do you get the colour change in your name, and the star when you become a VIP? I have seen some really nice avatars, and name banners and here is me, Mrs. Numbchuck! lol :flower: xx
Dear Mrs Numbchuck,

Yes - you will need to go VIP for these little extras. Well worth £6 though as this is actually a huge forum and you'll have access to tons more stuff than at present. xxxxxxxxxxx

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