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Jun 24, 2008
I've been watching Create and Craft this morning because there were 2 lovely shows (Mimi stamps and Glenda's Glimmers) which DIDN'T feature decoupage or CD Roms (my 2 pet hates). What I'd like to know is how many people actually go for the 'Saver Deals', i.e every product on a show for a 'discounted' price but still over £100 quite often.
I can't watch C&C and haven't watched IW for more than a couple of minutes lately as it so boring - but I might have enjoyed these.

However the deal does not sound a good deal in current times - over £100 on craft stuff is for me a considered purchase!
I agree. It is a considered purchase. If I had £100+ to spend on crafting materials, I would much prefer to buy a selection of products from different ranges/companies rather than say 5 medallion stamps at once or 18 bottles of the Glimmers shown this morning. I was just wondering whether anyone actually goes for the 'Mega Deals'!

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