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<a href="" target="_blank">Rocks and Co</a> are set to launch on Saturday 6th September at 3pm, Sky channel 642.<br /><br />Rocks & Co. is a collaboration between some of the jewellery industry's leading experts, but still privately owned. Unlike most companies, the gem buyers are often at the source, getting the first option on rough from the mines. In many cases, we cut our own gemstones in the countries that have the skills and experience to do them justice. These gems are then passed in to the hands of the artisans and manufacturers who have been producing high quality jewellery for 20 years. I'm sure some of these distinguished experts will be putting in an appearance on Rocks & Co. from time to time…<br><br><img src="/images/channels/rocksandco/coming-soon2.jpg" border="1" /> <img src="/images/channels/rocksandco/In%20studio%203.jpg" border="1" /><br /><br /><img src="/images/channels/rocksandco/In%20Studio%204.jpg" border="1" /> <img src="/images/channels/rocksandco/In%20studio%201.jpg" border="1" /><br /><br /><img src="/images/channels/rocksandco/In%20studio%202.jpg" border="1" /> <img src="/images/channels/rocksandco/In%20studio%205.jpg" border="1" /><br /><br />As you can see from our behind the scenes photos taken at rehearsals, everyone is ready for Saturday's live launch.<br /><br />Rocks and Co are offering members free P&P on their first purchase in September, all you need to do is quote the code <strong>RAC200</strong>.<br /><br />
If anyone from Rocks&Co is reading this, will it be possible to view a live stream via the website and/or buy online?
Thanks Graham It'll be interesting to see what they have to offer. Competition is healthy!
Thanks Graham. It'll be interesting to see how the prices compare with the other channels. Most importantly, I hope they are going to be bringing us some exciting new gemstones.
Hi all we are looking at every avenue to broadcast in other ways with other networks but at this stage we will be on the web and sky 642. Evrything here is going to plan and we are well on target to bringing you some great shows and fabulous Jewllery from 3pm on Saturday.
hi everyone and at rocks & co could you tell me if you will accept either payment by cheque or visa electron debit card?

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