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norfolk dumpling

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May 15, 2009
Has anyone tried the Samy Jooouge? It looks good in the demos, just what I need but is it a waste of money. I don't want to end up like Worrzle Gummidge - just need a little lift!!
i used some of his 'curl' stuff when he first appeared. it did work BUT, you only had to use a little of the styling stuff as it was easy to overload & go all crispy & the smell was very overpowering - don't know if this has been changed since though.

might be worth doing a search for samy on here or just the net in general, also is fab for reviews.
I bought some Fat Hair when it started being sold in Superdrug but used it once and then binned it. It made my hair (which is very fine) feel sticky and horrible, like candy floss.
i tried some of it as they made it look really good.....don't know if I used too much, but I got my daughter (who is a hair dresser) to try it and she agreed, it was it got returned.
My youngest daughter (12) has very fine hair and has been using Fat Hair from Superdrug for the last week and tonight her hair looked glossy and full of volume and so thick, (she also was using the conditioner) from the back she looked like her big Sis who has gorgeous thick hair and it was very hard to tell them apart by looking at their hair! She really does have babyfine hair so over a week of using she does have thick "fat" hair now!
I also use Icing and have not seen it in Superdrug so I ordered some on the 2 pack special. I can recommend this product as it really does give you hair that "Just come out the hairdressers" look without having to go through the whole "hairdresser" process.
It is so easy to use and if you have a good cut then ths product will revive that "just styled" feeling and look.
Thanks for your advice. I bought some mousse today in SD (BOGOF) as was all their range of Samy items. Still tempted by the Icing though although it does look very messy when Samy uses it on the models ie. bits of white all over the models clothes
Im still waiting on my Icing to be delivered but it is a bit like mouse it dissapears when you dab it so it doesn't make as much mess a you think, Normally I would use it before I got dressed so never really had a problem.



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