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Sep 24, 2008
As a general rule, where is the best source of the rubellite, I see some from varying areas. Is there one above the other? ie: madagasgar/brzil/nigeria... etc..
I just googled 'sources of rubellite' and found this link...

I think the answer given here may be Nigeria......material tends to be eye clean and un-enhanced. From other sources it could be included / brownish / treated according to the article. Any particular reason for asking?
i already have in basket think there may be another floating on web games.. i like it.. dont norm wear wg but thnk it suits the stone.
I'm not being snippy when I say this but in all honesty there isn't a "right" answer to your question AND certainly not when you're buying from a shopping channel.

Please bear in mind that there are good and bad stones from all the locations you listed - and this holds true for almost every single gemstone that's mined in more than one location. Brazil, the original source, has always been considered "the best" BUT I've seen Rubellite from other locations that knock it for 6.

Also, if you're asking about the best location, presumably you want the best gemstone. If that's the case then you should really be asking for a gemstone without enhancements. Not location.

Basically, and I know I keep saying this to you, you have to get this home for a look if you're interested because (a) the piece in the photo might not be the one you get (b) you can get a great gem (c) you can get a sh*te one (d) most of the photos are photoshopped and therefore don't tell you anything.

It's much easier if you make your decision, buy them, get them home for a look, take real life photos and then ask if not sure. It's much much much easier to give a considered opinion at that stage.
Meeshoo, thanks, yes i know that i should have the items i like home to have a look, but unfortunately im not in a financial position to order items and get charged, take my pick out of several and then wait for refunds, unfortunately i cant ..and i wish i could. So please understand that If i could I wouldnt ask for help and opinions on here, id just get items home to see them and ask after...

I can afford to get myself sumthing now and then when the bills fall right, its not much so have to try and sift items before i order.

regards enhancements, i never know what to believe in gems enhancements page, i am getting this ring but i was intrigued by the varying areas they are from, so hence the question, really the source with least inclusions as per say, also because i see alot of different colour variations i wondered if this varies from area to area.

i never know what to believe on enhancements or fully understand them though i try.

When I posted the question, I couldnt find info cos I had looked in gems enhancements section, gemology, but like a muppet looked for Rubellite (instead of looking under tourmaline).

I totally understand.

The problem is that even if we could tell you what the best location was, it's not a guarantee of anything. I've seen Rubellite from all the locations you've mentioned. In fact, if you search for Rubellite you'll see a pear shaped ring I have and a pear shaped pendant I got from Gems - they match EXACTLY but are from two different locations. However, other Rubellite I've had from Gems has been brown, pink, purple, included, not included etc etc! It's absolutely impossible!

However, you can normally tell if something is likely to be good by Gems's pricing. If it's at the higher end of the gemstone you're interested in then it'll generally be better than the lower priced ones. If you look at the Paraiba Tourmalines you'll see that there is no real price per carat but you'll then see a neon one on screen with a small carat weight and the price is higher than others with a higher weight.

My only suggestion is that if you, generally, love a colour/design etc., and it's during the time when you can afford to get it for a look then do so. I can't tell you how many times I've ordered something thinking "this will definitely go back" and it ends up being beautiful.

If you ask any of the regular posters on here how many items of jewellery they've seen and then how many they've kept I think you'd be astonished at the number that goes back. Sometimes it takes tons of attempts to get your "prince".
In case you didn't see it Suzy, I just heard a Gems promo for Rubellite on Saturday at 7pm - might help with the decision process and possibly save on those pesky returns costs :happy:

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