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Bling Hunter

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Oct 3, 2008
I am not a fan of Rod jinks and try if possible to avoid, for some reason he is on Gems 1. I looked for a while and his nails are disgusting, you would have thought that they would make sure they looked good,
I like Rod hes a sweetie, and can be very funny, did a twosome a while back with Lynn, a good laugh and very funny.
I like Rod he's a very pleasant man to listen too no shouting and yelling about gems he can be very funny too and regards to his nails i have seen much worse on that channel.
Rod always struck me as one of life's more gentle souls, and let's face it, nobody's nails stand up well to those high magnification levels. Added to that, I think they pick up fabric dust from the box linings.

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I shall never forget mr jinks stuffing himself into a suit case to show how much room there was in it or the sight of him romping about in slimming pants......sigh.....the old snatch it days were classics!
I like Rod. He's laid back and calm. I prefer the male presenters as they don't have hysterics when the price drops. They crack more jokes and have a bit of fun.

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