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Tanzanite Flasher!
Sep 19, 2009
HI guys

Am looking for expert opinions, probably from mesh?

I have bought a one carat tanzy in the past from Rocks and was told by a jeweller (the same one who was horrid about my aklex!) that is was extremely good quality. I have to agree, it's a beautiful piece.

Anyway, I'm currently drooling over a 5ct piece on TJC and recall reading that their tanzy is the best quality - it's also a lot dearer than Rocks tanzy and a bit beyond my budget.

I am holding out for a biggie on the tanzanite front and hoping desperately that the lovely Steve returns from his travels with a big bugger since I missed out on the stuff that flew out of the door a couple of weeks agao. i personally think the Rocks tanzy is good quality but am no expert - what have those of you who know found?

(If I end up sending my alex back, I can happily spend the same on a decent tanzanite!)

Nikki (and her amazing hash key which she keeps pressing by mistake)
I'm actually very chuffed that yesterday I managed to get what I can afford - a 1.74 tanzy with baguette cut diamond shoulders. I am watching one of TJC today at the same carat weight and although the diamonds are nicer, and the tanzy may be better quality (my untrained eye wouldn't know so what doies it matter??) it's £300 dearer - Rocks is definitely more within my budget! Can't wait to get my paws on it!!


N xxx
it's this one, looks lovely - i wanted it a couple of weeks back but missed it, now it's back in stock!


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