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black diamond witch
Jun 24, 2008
First off you need to know that I'm a borderline size N

........that is size N rings usually fit me although on a hot day it's borderline!

I've only had 4 rings from Rocks but two of them were smaller - one was a M and another just under M-and-a-half.

I know that's not a big difference but for me it means re-sizing so I sent the first ring back, and now another from the same order will head the same way.

Surely if you order a size N you should receive a size N?

I know that many of you have to re-size anyway, and I know that I'm lucky to have a standard size N finger, so I'm not really moaning, just irritated.
Hi Jantac, I know Rocks state that most rings are size N, however not allways. Some are an L, i've had a couple of those. Also i've had some that were quite possibly an M. If they are size other than an N, i return saying so, as i can pretty much only wear a size N on right hand ring finger.
Not just me then - thanks Tabs.

It's a bit annoying if it's the only item going back though - £5 to return something that otherwise would have stayed.
ive had 2 rings that have def been smaller than an N a multi gem and a marcasite,sent multi back as was a very thin band but decided to have marcasite re sized as it was £6 plus the ten so felt it wold be a cheepy ring:) plus wanted to complete a set hurrah lol
My first buy from Rocks was a Russet Pearl Ring. It was stated that it was a size N which I knew would be too small so was prepared to resize. Anyway when it arrived it fitted me which I was surprised at so I dug out my ring measure thingy and sure enough the ring is actually a size O.

I have a different ring in my order due today so shall be interesting to see what size it is.
Following on from earlier, the ring I received today is a size N.
Maybe I've been lucky but all the rings I've received have fitted perfectly.

I am lucky to be a size N also,the odd one has been maybe half a size bigger possibly but still fit comfortably.

Like with any company though,the odd thing can slip through the net....hopefully that is all it is in these cases.

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