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was that summer?
Jun 24, 2008
Is there a problem for everyone, or is it just me that can't get Rocks website to load this evening? It's the breast cancer event tonight isn't it? Perhaps it has crashed because of too many hits.
Me neither. Oh, dear - what a disaster for this to happen on "wear it pink" night!
Yes....I too had many's up and running for me now though.

I emailed help and I think there are problems with quite a few folks,apparently things are ok at their end,they just suggested to keep trying.
I just had a go and found the video lagging way behind and scrolling the page was like wading through treacle! Using Firefox.
I had trouble logging in, then, just before 5pm went off to change into pink kit and bling, to "celebrate", dontcha know.... and came back to find site frozen. Whole pc crashed and I have been struggling for the last 75 minutes to get shut down and reboot the ruddy machine. Still can't get into the site properly. Half auction page loads, cannot log-in, no video , no chat.......... I'm really sorry cos I so wanted to support Rocks in their support of this great cause.... will just have to make donation, I suppose.... if I could get that site to open.... had enough trouble trying to get on here! It's one of those nights, it seems!
I still can't get in, have been trying since I first posted.
What a shame, on charity night.
I really hope it means that they've got loads of people logged in and their site isn't coping with the traffic, as at least that way the event should be a success.
Whole pc crashed and I have been struggling for the last 75 minutes to get shut down and reboot the ruddy machine.
How odd, that happened to my pc too, I was logged in to Rocks but out of the room and heard it shutting down and when I came to look I had the 'your system has recovered from a serious error' message box. I had no trouble logging back on but I wonder if it was anything to do with all the gremlins on Rocks site tonight?? :pPC:
I had problems from just before 5pm until 5.45pm when I finally managed to get sound and video. Couldn't access it on the PC or laptop, I knew I wasn't alone as I could see the chat box and there were quite a number who were saying they were having the same problems.

Since I got in properly it has been fine :) pc was crashing from t'interweb when i tried to get into Rocks earlier.,just having a Rocks window open crashed everything......has been fine since I managed to get in though.

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