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black diamond witch
Jun 24, 2008
A long story with a happy ending.........

I won a competition (well actually two competitions, lucky me) and due to a mix up or a misunderstanding, my prizes went to the wrong address.

The address they went to was a holiday cottage that we'd stayed in a few weeks ago (where my first order was to be sent) - for some reason that address stayed on my records. To add to the problem, that holiday cottage is now empty and has got the builders in.........

Tony got on the case and found out where the package had been sent and I managed to trace one of the prizes, a pair of earrings (which the cottage owner is going to send to me in due course) but the other item had disappeared.

At this point, Steve and the lovely Katherine got involved. Katherine found out that I had another order on the way and sneaked a replacement prize in - and that order arrived today.

To say I'm blown away by the replacement is an understatement. It's a version of Tabs massive lemon quartz pendant, but a marquise cut rather than an elongated cushion cut.

I don't know if Katherine reads the forum but I rather suspect that she might - I said how much I liked Tabs' pendant and to receive something so similar just can't be a coincidence when you think how varied the competition prizes are.

I'm just so impressed, Rocks have really gone the extra mile to ensure one very happy customer.

(contrast that with Gems who STILL haven't answered my complaining email from Saturday)

I'll put pictures up later (off out shortly) but I just wanted to say how impressed I am. Thank you Rocks and especially Katherine.
That's brilliant Jantac - they are just fabulous, nothing is too much trouble. :biggrin

(Sarah has left me speechless today, in a lovely way - and Katherine is a legend!)
Aw lovely happy ending Jantac..Glad your pleased:) Katherine is a real star, and Tony is just lovely too! Nothing seems to be too much for them. I allways think it's the little things like this that make all the difference with CS's ..Gems could learn a lot from Rocks on that score too!!
Another big Katherine fan here too! :)

I've had to contact CS a fair bit recently and to be honest, I was starting to feel as if I was always on for one thing or another! It was getting embarrassing...:eek:

Katherine is just so lovely and couldn't be more helpful.
I agree Jantac the customer services at rocks are amazing! I also had a bit of bother over a prize and Katherine and Tony were great. They couldn't be more helpful well done!

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