rocks snowman :-)


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milk in our tea
Jun 24, 2008
On a hill, at the end of the road, where the wind
Bored at home, snowed in, what does a girl have to do other than... make a gems snowman!!!!!!!!

Don't worry, all the stones are again safely stored in the vault

Tia - that's fantastic but far too much time on your hands! Don't forget to scoop them all up once your little snowlady (can't be a man with all that bling) goes away.

We took our dogs out this afternoon; the white boxer was fairly difficult to find and our little cavi came back with lots of snow balls hanging from the hair on his legs, bless him! I had to cut them off. Think they had as much fun as we did though.
Just reminded me of my friends who live in Canada - their daughter is a Girl Scout, and I was looking at the details for the "winter badge" in her Girl Scouts' Handbook. One of the activities was to "make a snow figure" - because they were too politically correct to say "snowman"!

We had a good laugh about it at the time... but maybe Tia's cutie is what they had in mind!

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