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Apr 26, 2009
I am trying to get in touch with all Rocks Advisors in an effort to get the teething problems remedied. Would anyone who is an advisor and would like to be in touch with all other advisors, please jump in here. Also, I would be interested in everyones views on the collection. This post is not in any way meant to be critical in any shape or form. We all want the best for Rocks and all share the Rocks ethos. Advisors are also in business with Rocks and there are issues that are coming to light that require remedying in order that advisors and Rocks business flourishes.
Hello everyone,

We're taking on board all the feedback that we are getting about the Rocks Advisor scheme at the moment and coming up with some ideas of how we can improve it.

We were thinking of having a session on Tuesday 5th May in the afternoon / evening where Rocks Advisors (or potential Rocks Advisors) can come here and we can discuss everyone's ideas and feedback. Would this be of interest?


John Bennett
Hi QoB,

I'm an RA and in my opinion, I think the current catalogue range is very limited and could certainly do with being much broader; I don't believe that you could sustain a business based solely on the products in the catalogue - people would soon tire of them. My other concern is that some designs, whilst being labelled as "exclusive" to RA's are very similar to those sold on the CR website and, consequently, through Rocks' auctions. Whilst I realise that it is Steve's aim to draw attention to the Coloured Rocks/Rocks Auction websites, he is also obliged to support and develop the Advisor side of the business.

Regarding the samples - it was disappointing to read that "some" may be "gold plated" or "paste" gems - an exact description of each item would have been useful along with a sample of the pearl necklaces which would have also been useful.

I think that's all for now!

If there's anything else I can help you with, please let me know,

Thanks & best wishes,

I saw the Advisor collection at openday and tbh wasn't very impressed - also the grey interior of the box doesn't show them off to advantage. As for some of them being plated or paste - that's horrendous...Some people can tell a genuine gem from a paste one at a glance, and it's just not on to have imitation samples. People need to see the real thing, which would be a good selling point - what you see is what you get. I certainly wouldn't want to pay rent for imitation jewellery, or order from a collection of same!
Hi im a rocks advisor, i am not happy that some items in the rocks advisor catalogue can be purchased for cheaper on the coloured rocks website. Some items from the rocks adviser catalogue are out of stock already, if you have any information or updates for rocks advisors please let me know!
I cant find a way to contact you direct hun so that i can send you the email, there is no send message offered. see if you can do it from your side as i dont want to post my email on here x

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